January 21, 2018


Raptorazor & Wild Turkey

With the 2017 hunting season starting out with the eastern wild turkey. I quickly knew the perfect knives to handle my butchering this season. RaptoRazor knives were my go to not only for their razor sharp blades but also for their ease of use and durability. As my 2017 turkey season began i started out in Ohio as the first morning started to awake i started getting butterflies and as that first gobble let out from 100 yards away i was overcome with bliss. As the suns rays  hit the dew soaked grass and the turkeys began their decent upon my decoys it was quickly realised that RaptoRazor was going to be utilized tremendously this year. As the first morning harvest was slung over my shoulder i got the idea to prove just how easy RaptoRazor knives were to use. My 7 year old daughter would be showing how easy it is. As the season and my team continued through the spring the knives would see tons of use with no wear anywhere to be found at the end of spring a total of 10 gobblers were skinned butchered or deboned.
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 Raptorazor Wild Turkey
As turkey season ended we quickly jumped into preparation for deer season. We found ourselves using the knives for everything from trimming branches at stand locations to cutting trails to our stand for stealthness. Still having not changed blades it was clear to see that RaptoRazor would be the perfect knives for me. As we started into our 2017 deer season with many successes and our knives still holding their edge. The possible uses were endless for the RaptoRazor family of knives. with the final count for the 2017 hunting season being 10 gobblers and 4 whitetails all on the same blades. 
Timber Born Outdoors
January 21, 2018


Amazon Rain Chicken and Raptorazor

The crew at ARC started using the Raptorazor knives this past September. Since that time we have used the knives on multiple animals and they perform flawlessly! My personal set has been used on 5 deer to not only field dress, but skin and process them, and I haven't changed the blades yet! These products are built to last and that's what we need because we arent easy on our gear! The design of the Big Game Skinner makes skinning out an animal a quick and easy process. We highly recommend any of the Raptorazor products to anyone, not only because of the great product, but the customer service is second to none! So if you are in the market for the last set of knives you will ever need/want, look no further!

Travis Klaiber
Ironton OH 45638  
Amazon Rain Chicken Productions
Raptorazor Amazon Rain Productions
January 19, 2018


Don't Laugh at Me!

      Don’t laugh at me, here is my mismatched set of Raptorazor’s. I have had these for 3.5 years now. They have been dropped, abused, and stepped on. The skinner was actually stepped on once while the handle was attached and bent in an arc. Took it apart bent it back into shape put the blade back in, and good as new!

Raptorazor Combo


     This set has seen 7 deer (Yes 7) and one Turkey. I must admit I believe it’s time to replace the blades. I have never had any issues with this product, it’s lightweight, portable. Disassembly and cleanup is a breeze, and a great addition to anyone’s pack! The handle has a storage compartment with spare screws should you happen to lose them.


Raptorazor Harvest 

     The mountable sheaves are a great addition for mounting at a cleaning station. I started using Raptorazor before I ever considered asking to be part of their promotional staff. Why promote a product you haven’t used, or believe in? Since then I have started my own hunting team, and all my staff uses Raptorazor. It’s not just for Deer!! Raptorazor has helped my create some great hunting memories, and I am sure there will be many more to come!

Raptorazor Doe 

Thanks for the Great Product Rick Grover Nothing beats out Raptorazor!!!!

Raymond Ottavi

Wolcott, Indiana

Whitetail Up

January 15, 2018


Axis Buck on Maui

The morning started out like any other typical morning before a hunt. My alarm woke me at 330am and I quickly jumped out of bed excited for what the day had in store. My wife slowly rolled over and mumbled under her breath "I wish you'd jump out of bed that fast every morning". Normally I would've hit the snooze button on my alarm about 5 times before rising from my sleep, waking her every 5 minutes. I threw on my clothes and doubled checked my gear, making sure that I had packed everything I needed for the day. My water was full, my Raptorazor knives, sharpener, saw blades, and meat hooks were packed, my quiver was loaded with my Element Arrows and Tooth of the Arrow broadheads. I grabbed my pack and my bow and I was off to chase the elusive Axis Deer here on Maui.
With the moonlight leading the way we walked through the over grown brush that lined the fields of Upcountry, Maui. As we crept slowly along we could hear the Bucks screaming just over the mountain daring us to find them. This spot was an area that we frequently hunted and we had learned the habits and patterns of this herd pretty well. We knew that in the early morning they crossed over the gulch from one side to the other to graze before heading to their beds to beat the heat from the morning sun.
We quickly descended down the cliff and into the gulch only to climb out on the opposite side. As we made it to the top of the gulch we were startled by another scream that seemed only yards away. Instinctively we dropped to the ground and crawled on our stomachs to the cover provided by the Christmas Berry bushes up ahead. We waited for a few minutes so that we could catch our breath and let the excitement that filled us settle down. Slowly we began to scan the fields looking for the Bucks that were just screaming minutes before. The overgrowth provided these animals with the perfect amount of cover, making it impossible for us to find them. I reached into my pack and found my racks. I gave out a loud rattle and watched the field looking for any sign of movement. Almost instantly the grass started to shake and the sight of antlers rose above the grass.
I reached for my bow and nocked an arrow waiting for this buck to make his move. When I looked up again this buck had made his way clear across the field and now he was literally only yards in front of us. I didn't have time to use my range finder, but I knew that he was under 20 yards. I drew back my bow and waited for him to make a mistake. He took 2 steps and was now standing broadside but still behind the bushes ahead. 1 more step forward and he began to turn away. 1 more step and now he was now fully exposed with no cover to protect him. I settled my pin and slowly squeezed the trigger on my release. My arrow connected and a loud thump resonated through the air. The buck reared up on his hind legs and took off through the field. Suddenly he stopped and looked back in our direction. He turned and tried to continue his retreat, only to succumb to his injuries and fall to his knees.
As soon as we saw him fall to the ground my son turned to me and said "we did it Dad, we got him. Give me 5". My emotions quickly filled my body, realizing that my son was able to experience this hunt with me. After admiring this buck for a few minutes we knew that it was time for the work to begin. I dug into my pack for knives and meat hooks. I tied some paracord to the hooks and threw the rope over the branch above us. My Big Game Skinner zipped through the hide of this Buck with ease. Within minutes we had this guy skinned and ready to be deboned. My MANO quickly and easily cut through the meat. These blades are so sharp that I feel like a surgeon out there with my gloves on. With the sun now high in the sky we knew that we needed to get this deer processed and on ice as quickly as possible. The Big Game Skinner and MANO knives make this process quick, simple, and fun. After about 20 minutes we had this Buck processed and back in our packs and we headed back to the truck.
This hunt is by far my most favorite and memorable hunt to date. My son was there to share in this moment with me for the 1st time and we both can't wait to do it again.
December 21, 2017


The Last Hunting Knife You Will Need.

By: Cody Nickson

Over the past year I have seen first hand how well the Raptorazor works on whitetails. I had the best season I have ever had killing two great bucks and also guiding my pops on his largest buck harvest to date. In total I have field dressed 4 whitetails this season and have yet had to change the blades on them. They have been a great asset and have saved me plenty of time in the field. 

Raptorazor Velvet Buck

One of the biggest advantages of the Big Game Skinner is the other blade that you can use to separate the vitals from the animals. I have gone from a novice at field dressing to what seems like a pro. 


Raptorazor is one tool that every outdoorsman or woman who is involved with hunting should be carrying in their pack all year around. 


December 21, 2017


Bone Maniacs and Raptorazor

By: Josh Keiter – Hunter/Producer for Bone Maniacs

As an avid outdoorsman and hunter, an item that you will always find in my pack is a knife. A knife to someone like me, at times, is pretty much just an extension of my hand. Knives offer so many different use cases to an outdoorsman. When I’m out hiking or hunting with friends and they ask ‘Does anyone have a knife?’ it’s almost like a cardinal sin and they are deeply looked down upon for not having one. I’ve used many different kinds of knives over the years in my adventures; and while they all have served their purpose in some way, shape or form, having the right kind or shape of knife to complete a certain task is always better versus trying to make do with something not as efficient for getting the job done. As a kid growing up hunting and fishing in the eastern part of the United States, I kind of have this tunnel vision about me when it comes to the game I pursue. Growing up in the state of West Virginia, my fall days were spent hunting small game, mostly squirrel, and big game, whitetail deer and the eastern wild turkey. The older I get the more I desire to head west to pursue western game in the back country such as elk, antelope and possibly one day a big horn sheep. Regardless of where my adventures take me, I know the one item that will follow me wherever I go will be my knife.

 Raptorazor Bone Maniacs

Throughout the 2017 whitetail season, I’ve been fortunate enough to harvest two mature bucks with my bow, one in Ohio and one in Kansas, as well as a doe in Virginia. My son was also able to take a doe in Virginia with his rifle. Using the Raptorazor Aluminum Hydro Dipped Big Game Skinner and MANO combo kit has made clean up and processing my own game a breeze. For years, I have processed my own game meat and have used several different knives and saws for the task. Field dressing and breaking down an animal is part of the hunt and experience with that harvested animal to me, but that doesn’t mean I want that experience to last forever. I want to get that animal broken down and the meat cleaned and cooled for a better table experience for me and my family. Everyone processes their deer based off of how they were taught, or based off of their own experiences through trial and error. I’ve learned a lot over the years about processing wild game and I wish I would have owned this knife combo kit for a long time!

Bone Maniacs

Field dressing and getting the hide off my whitetails with the Big Game Skinner doesn’t even feel like work anymore. The sharp blade zips through their tough hides with ease! The MAKO makes skinning and deboning the meat effortless. The blades hold their edge and sharpness through even the toughest processing tasks, but it’s also very easy to remove the blades with the built in Phillips screwdriver handle for cleaning or changing out blades. I love the gripped ‘T’ handle for most of my processing work, but the MAKO also works very well without the handle for quick jobs or even getting back into a hard to reach place during field dressing. I chose to go with the aluminum kit so I could throw this in my pack and not be concerned with it getting beat up as I take it in and out of the pack as well as having it stored with all my other gear I take on my hunts. The construction of these knives are second to none and I have highly recommended them to my friends and family as well as our viewers and fans. The Bone Maniacs team has laid down some quality animals this season and we’re proud to say that all of those have been sliced and diced with the Raptorazor products. We wouldn’t use any other knife!

 Raptorazor Bone Maniacs

Raptorazor Bone Maniacs

November 29, 2017


The Perfect Stocking Stuffer

Raptorazor's perfect blend of badass and elegance is the reason any outdoorsman or woman needs to have these one of a kind knives in their stocking come Christmas. 


I first got to put the Raptorazor's to use this fall during a few different deer hunts. Normally it takes awhile for one to be field dressed and then skinned out. With the sharpness of the blades and the ability to leverage these knifes properly it cut the field dressing and skinning time in half. My new Fillet MANO kit is on its way and I can't wait to begin to use it over the holidays cooking some steak and wild game. 

Rick and his staff are one of a kind when it comes to customer relationships and I couldn't be anymore pleased with how these knives perform come crunch time.

Raptorazor Velvet Buck 

If you are stuck on what to get that outdoorsman, woman, or even yourself for the holidays. Look no further then every option available at www.raptorazor.com. 

During the Holiday save 30% with the coupon code: Frosty at checkout.

October 16, 2017


Old Timer

Growing up using just an "Old Timer" my Dad gave me, probably the one Pap gave him was something most would call Tradition. That old knife skinned many deer, several squirrel and whatever else I decided to put in the crosshairs. Its like having a best friend you never leave for hunting and not take it. I think about those days from time to time when times were primitive and slow to field dress and cape an animal out those days are over for me the RaptoRazor has proven to me a new tradition has started and revolutionized my skinning techniques for the better .
-Shane Mowery
September 07, 2017


A Chef's Point of View

   I want to share with everyone on our social media pages what I consider one of the best advances in helping protecct our harvests. Raptorazor has taken the chore of field dressing, skinning and butchering our game to the next level and even made it fun!
   As a Chef of over 25 years and a career in the outdoor industry for the least 12 to 15 years, I can say I have tried just about every item imaginable made to help us get the meat from the field to the table as fast and safe as possible. Once I used the Raptorazor products, I contacted them to allow me to work with and help share just how incredible they are. From the Meat hook to the Big Game Skinner and the MANO knife, the interchangeable handles and blades....you just cannot get a more equipped set of tools. 
   Each piece is precision made to make our hunting experience easier and safer. I have over a dozen members in my local group and everytime one of our guys gets a chance at the skinning pole I hand them my MANO and within seconds they are hooked! There is no better place to prove to other hunters than right there in the field or with their harvest hanging ready to be cleaned. 
   Ergonomic, ambidextrous and extremely sharp are just the obvious attributes to these products. But what about making new hunters actually enjoy the work that goes into having an incredible bacon wrapped Venison Tenderloin! 
   If we want to build up our participation rate with the younger generations, improvements like those made by the folks at Raptorazor is a huge step in the right direction. I cannot say enough great things about the products and the people associated with this company. Being a freelance writer and recipe developer that is blessed to be able to hunt and cook incredible game year round, I can whole heartedly say that Raptorazor has made the hardest part of a successful hunt and absolute joy!
-Chef Derek
September 07, 2017


Field Dressing Made Easy

  If you where like me, you where taught how to hunt by your Dad or Grandfather. I was taught that once the animal was down to run up and cut the throat of the animal so it could bleed out. But no blood ever came out of a dead animal. Then we would have to remove the glands or testicles of the animal? Now this never made sense to me. I would get different answer like, well that's what I was taught and that's what I have always done or it eliminates the hormones from going into the meat. 
   Then comes time to get your hands dirty gutting the animal. This can take up to 30 minutes in some case's on bigger game animals. I personally took over 45 minutes with a elk that had a broad head arrow broke off in it, so extra precaution was needed to insure that we did not get cut. But most of the time you can easily get the job done in 10 to 15 minutes. When gutting you also run the risk of getting urine on the best part of the animal (tender loans) when you remove the bladder. Now if you split the pelvis you can easily remove the bladder but now you have exposed more meat for risk of contamination when dragging it out. I would always just pinch the top of the bladder and cut it out and almost always there would be some urine that would escape and contaminate the meat.
   So we have the animal gutted, we are now covered in blood, dirt, hair and bacteria. And not to mention if you had a bad shot and clipped the intestines. At this point I would sew up the stomach with a piece of rope to eliminate the risk of contamination when dragging it out. Now I don't know about you but when I was young (at 50 I still do) I would go as far away from other hunters as possible. When it came time to drag out a animal I was usually several miles from a road. So getting back to the truck took some time, then we would wait for everyone to get back, have a short drive back home and 5 to 6 hours later we would then proceed to skin the animal. It was also customary to hang and age the animal for upwards of a week. Then it would be sent off to the butcher to be processed, not ever truly knowing if we got the same animal back. By the time it made it to the dinner table it was the toughest, gamest piece of meat you can imagine. But we ate it otherwise we went hungry or worse we didn't get to go hunting in the future. We hunted like most families years ago for our source of food. I was taught if you shoot it, you eat it. The size of the horns was always secondary.
   Fast forward 20 years. I have now been living in Hawaii for over 8 years enjoying deep sea fishing and diving. I had no idea that Hawaii had the wide variety of wild game that it does. On my first Hunt to Molokai for Axis deer I had shot a nice buck down a very large Canyon, dragging it out was not a option. So in 90 degree weather I proceeded to pack out the buck on my shoulders, it was the only way to make it up the step canyon walls. Upon reaching the truck I threw the buck off my shoulders onto the tailgate, out of breath and sweating like a stuck pig our hunting guild Joey turned to me and said " You Stupid Fricken Haole, what are you doing? You don't pack out what you can't eat"! As the hair stood up on the back of my neck and my began blood boil. I asked him what the Hell he was talking about? He then proceeded to show me the gutless method of cleaning animals and I was instantly hooked. Joey became a close friend that we have hunted with for the past 20 years.
   With the gutless technique you get the animal completely cooled down in less then 30 minutes (Far cry from 5 to 6 hours the old way). You never have to gut the animal, you're not covered in Blood, you're processing time is cut in half, and you're taking all the cuts of meat, not wasting any. In a lot of ways you get more eatable meat because it is not contaminated with dirt and hair. The best part is, is that you're not packing out the extra weight of the hide, spine, legs and head, upwards of 60 lbs for a deer. It makes perfect sense  to leave it behind, why pack out what you'll throw away anyway?. It gets eaten by the predictors rather then dumped in a landfill. Not to mention the mess you would have to clean up doing it in your garage. 
   We have the meat on ice in most cases in under 45 minutes. Yes that's right! We ice cure all our meat and I have to say it makes the quality of meat incredible. There is no comparison to how I was taught. The quality of meat is incredible. By ice curing you are getting more of the blood out of the meat and the blood is what gives the meat that strong gaming taste. We will rotate the meat and add new ice and drain off the bloody water daily. By the end of the week there is very little blood left and it is now ready to be processed. 
   Don't get me wrong I will still hang game at camp in cold weather. But with the summers lasting longer and hotter then ever, It's not always a option. With the high temperatures of Hawaii, you're on a race against time to cool the meat down. We have done this same process over the years with Elk and Mule deer and there is no comparison in the quality of meat vs what I did growing up.
   Hunting in Hawaii for the past 20 years we have perfected the process and have cut the field dressing time in half with the Big Game Skinner and MANO knives. They where built out of necessity. I got fed up with all the knives on the market breaking after one or two uses not to mention trying to keep an edge on today's knives. If you would like to learn more on the Gutless method visit our website at www.raptorazor.com or visit our You Tube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ57nUvbBu_j2Dm9uLjA1pw?view_as=subscriber for step by step instructional videos on the Gutless Technique.
Oh did I mention that our aluminum sets are Guaranteed for Life and we pick up a 700lb Quad with the Big Game Skinner! Try that will your current knives.
Thanks and Happy Hunting!
-Rick Grover
Owner of Raptorazor