September 06, 2017 1 min read

I've always skeptical of new gear or products. I usually don't take anyone's word on things till I use or try out myself. I was the same way with Raptorazor till I got one in my hand, then I was just simply amazed. I wished I would of gotten one a heck of a lot sooner. My team an I have used Raptorazor for cleaning deer, turkey, pheasant an fish to cleaning off rust on caliper bracket an cutting arrows. Simply its just the best knife on the market for anything you need to cut, skin or whatever. I remember when I let my neighbor use my knife for the first time, he swore by his old hunting knife and wouldn't use anything else. Well needless to say he was astonished and has bought 2 kits for himself and 1 for his son. 
I was cleaning a pheasant with mine last year took me matter of 3 mins with how sharp an precise the knives are and that bird was clean. Now that the fish filet knives are coming out I know I won't be disappointed in the quality an sharpness as I have been using the regular knives for some fish cleaning. I 100% stand behind any raptorazor product they come out with.
-Raks and Spurs
Raptorazor MakoRaptorazor Big Game Skinner

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