What is RaptoRazors return policy?

Please visit Here for our complete return Policy.

I bought a Big Game Skinner or MAKO and it didn't come with guards. How do I get them?

View our online store.

How strong is the Big Game Skinner?

Click here to watch our strength test video, we tested it on a 660 pound Artic Cat.

How much do the knives weigh? What are they made of?

The Aluminum, Powder Coated and Anodized knife housings are made of 100% machined aluminum. The blades are made of 420 stainless steel. Below you will find the weights of RaptoRazor knives.. 

Aluminum Combo Pack 1.36 lbs                          
Aluminum Big Game Skinner Pack 11.6 oz
Aluminum MAKO Pack 10.3 oz
Aluminum BGS (housing, blade, guard, & handle) 7.7 oz                                                                      
Aluminum MAKO (housing, blade, guard & handle) 6.5 oz                                                                       
Powder Coated Combo Pack  1.39 lbs
Powder Coated Big Game Skinner Pack 11.7 oz
Powder Coated MAKO Pack 10.9 oz
Powder Coated BGS (housing, blade, guard & handle) 7.9 oz
Powder Coated MAKO (housing, blade, guard & handle) 6.9 oz
Anodized Combo Pack 1.41 lbs
Anodized Big Game Skinner Pack 11.8 oz
Anodized MAKO Pack 11 oz
Anodized BGS (housing, blade, guard & handle) 7.9 oz
Anodized MAKO (housing, blade, guard & handle 7 oz
Injection Molded Combo 8.1 oz
Injection Molded Big Game Skinner (housing, blade, guard & handle) 4.2 oz
Injection Molded MAKO (housing, blade, guard & handle)

4 oz


How many uses can I get out of one blade?

Typically 1 big game animal or 2-3 small game animals, depending on the user and the animal.

How many blades come with each knife?

The Aluminum, Powder Coated and Anodized knives will include 3 blades for each knife. The Injection Molded knives will come with 1 blade. Additional blades can be purchased in our online store.

How do I become a retail outlet for RaptoRazor?

Please contact our customer service department to find more information about becoming a RaptoRazor dealer.

How can I get a new carrying case for my knife?

Please view our accessory category to shop for them.

Can you show me how to use the knives?

Please view our How To Video section for detailed instructions.

Can you engrave my knife?

We currently do not offer engraving services, we recommend contacting a jeweler in your local area.

Can I sharpen my blades?

RaptoRazor does not recommend re-sharpening the replacement blades. RaptoRazor recommends a new factory sharpened blades to replace dull blades. Always use extreme caution when handeling blades.

Can you embroider my carrying case?

No, we do not offer embroidery services. But many local shops would be willing to help.

Do you offer different attachments for my Big Game Skinner or MAKO?

Yes, check our shopping page for up to date product information.