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Raptorazor's perfect blend of badass and elegance is the reason any outdoorsman or woman needs to have these one of a kind knives in their stocking come Christmas. 


I first got to put the Raptorazor's to use this fall during a few different deer hunts. Normally it takes awhile for one to be field dressed and then skinned out. With the sharpness of the blades and the ability to leverage these knifes properly it cut the field dressing and skinning time in half. My new Fillet MANO kit is on its way and I can't wait to begin to use it over the holidays cooking some steak and wild game. 

Rick and his staff are one of a kind when it comes to customer relationships and I couldn't be anymore pleased with how these knives perform come crunch time.

Raptorazor Velvet Buck 

If you are stuck on what to get that outdoorsman, woman, or even yourself for the holidays. Look no further then every option available at 

During the Holiday save 30% with the coupon code: Frosty at checkout.

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