January 21, 2018 2 min read

With the 2017 hunting season starting out with the eastern wild turkey. I quickly knew the perfect knives to handle my butchering this season. RaptoRazor knives were my go to not only for their razor sharp blades but also for their ease of use and durability. As my 2017 turkey season began i started out in Ohio as the first morning started to awake i started getting butterflies and as that first gobble let out from 100 yards away i was overcome with bliss. As the suns rays  hit the dew soaked grass and the turkeys began their decent upon my decoys it was quickly realised that RaptoRazor was going to be utilized tremendously this year. As the first morning harvest was slung over my shoulder i got the idea to prove just how easy RaptoRazor knives were to use. My 7 year old daughter would be showing how easy it is. As the season and my team continued through the spring the knives would see tons of use with no wear anywhere to be found at the end of spring a total of 10 gobblers were skinned butchered or deboned.
 Raptorazor Wild Turkey
As turkey season ended we quickly jumped into preparation for deer season. We found ourselves using the knives for everything from trimming branches at stand locations to cutting trails to our stand for stealthness. Still having not changed blades it was clear to see that RaptoRazor would be the perfect knives for me. As we started into our 2017 deer season with many successes and our knives still holding their edge. The possible uses were endless for the RaptoRazor family of knives. with the final count for the 2017 hunting season being 10 gobblers and 4 whitetails all on the same blades. 
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