January 21, 2018 1 min read

The crew at ARC started using the Raptorazor knives this past September. Since that time we have used the knives on multiple animals and they perform flawlessly! My personal set has been used on 5 deer to not only field dress, but skin and process them, and I haven't changed the blades yet! These products are built to last and that's what we need because we arent easy on our gear! The design of the Big Game Skinner makes skinning out an animal a quick and easy process. We highly recommend any of the Raptorazor products to anyone, not only because of the great product, but the customer service is second to none! So if you are in the market for the last set of knives you will ever need/want, look no further!

Travis Klaiber
Ironton OH 45638  
Amazon Rain Chicken Productions
Raptorazor Amazon Rain Productions

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