September 07, 2017 2 min read

   I want to share with everyone on our social media pages what I consider one of the best advances in helping protecct our harvests. Raptorazor has taken the chore of field dressing, skinning and butchering our game to the next level and even made it fun!
   As a Chef of over 25 years and a career in the outdoor industry for the least 12 to 15 years, I can say I have tried just about every item imaginable made to help us get the meat from the field to the table as fast and safe as possible. Once I used the Raptorazor products, I contacted them to allow me to work with and help share just how incredible they are. From the Meat hook to the Big Game Skinner and the MANO knife, the interchangeable handles and just cannot get a more equipped set of tools. 
   Each piece is precision made to make our hunting experience easier and safer. I have over a dozen members in my local group and everytime one of our guys gets a chance at the skinning pole I hand them my MANO and within seconds they are hooked! There is no better place to prove to other hunters than right there in the field or with their harvest hanging ready to be cleaned. 
   Ergonomic, ambidextrous and extremely sharp are just the obvious attributes to these products. But what about making new hunters actually enjoy the work that goes into having an incredible bacon wrapped Venison Tenderloin! 
   If we want to build up our participation rate with the younger generations, improvements like those made by the folks at Raptorazor is a huge step in the right direction. I cannot say enough great things about the products and the people associated with this company. Being a freelance writer and recipe developer that is blessed to be able to hunt and cook incredible game year round, I can whole heartedly say that Raptorazor has made the hardest part of a successful hunt and absolute joy!
-Chef Derek

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