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Last year in the wonderful month of September my good buddy was out deer hunting and was able to arrow a doe.  He called me and said, "Can you help me butcher this deer up?" I told him I had just the knife for that.  He brought his deer over and we proceeded to skin, slice, cut, butcher and wrap every ounce of meat for our families only using RAPTORAZOR products.  I had told him about the wonderful world of RAPTORAZOR and he was still skeptical.  
After he was able to get his hands on them he was very impressed and with each cut he kept saying "WOW, these are awesome!".  
 Raptorazor knives have proved themselves over and over again and every time I pull them out I make a new believer.
Sharp, durable, heavy duty and built for the job.
These knives are spot on and I wont skin another animal without them.
Thanks Raptorazor!
Mike Smith
Huntaholics Outdoors
Raptorazor Raptorazor

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Mike Smith
Mike Smith

August 23, 2021

Still holds true 5 years later. Great products! Thank you Raptorazor!

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