August 09, 2017 2 min read

Hello, everyone! I am Ricky Geisert from Hardin County, Kentucky. I am a lifelong, avid fisherman and hunter. As a Colorado native, I have experienced the thrill of trout fishing and hunting elk. As a Kentucky resident I chase that American Whitetail, cast for the largemouth bass and stalk the wild turkey. I also enjoy the thrill and challenge of predator hunting. I have had the privilege of getting to know some of the leaders in the industry. During my journey, I have developed friendships with innovators and representatives of the industry that have been game changers.
One of my first sponsors was Raptorazor. As an outdoorsman, it is one of the most convenient and versatile tools that I keep in my gear. With a simple flex of the wrist, the Raptorazor blade smoothly slides through the toughest of hides and fascia. I have been able to decrease the time it takes to field dress because of the ease of use and sharp edge that Raptorazor offers.
With a competitive price point, Raptorazor offers a tool that can be used for many species and various hunting, fishing, and outdoorsman tasks. An interchangeable handle and blade system, made from quality materials and an ergonomic grip, the Raptorazor is an invaluable tool to the outdoor industry and sportsman.
As we head into another Kentucky hunting season, I am excited to see the new products and ideas that will be offered by Raptorazor. I can’t imagine a hunting task without my Raptorazor kit, it has changed the dynamic and environment for me and my entire hunting team. If you are looking for a revolutionary tool, a versatile and ergonomically designed, precision tool, Raptorazor has the solution.

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