August 02, 2017 2 min read

When processing your own game, it is critical that the beginning of the process starts off on a good note. First you want the kill to be quick and clean. Second you want to recover that animal as quick as possible. Third you want to get that carcass cooling ASAP. The best way to do that is to field dress your kill upon recovery. For those who may not know field dressing is basically getting the intestines and the vital organs out. To do this you need a sharp blade and a skilled hand.
Now I have used many knives to field dress an animal. I have also used different techniques for these knives. Starting from the pelvis and going up to the chest. Starting from the chest and going down to the pelvis. Using two fingers in front of the blade to keep the knife from bursting the gut sack. These conventional methods all work when done right, but accident do happen. Cutting into the stomach by accident is one way to really get things started off on the wrong foot. Not only can the material ruin the meat it can ruin your appetite for a few days.
The Raptorazor’s design makes this crucial process so easy and so quick that I was shocked the first time I used it. Not only does the blade feel good in your hand, it does the job without tearing anything you don’t want to tear into. The Marine blade for old school conventional field dressers like myself was fantastic and the MANO blade was equally impressive. Getting the internal organs out and the skin off without a hairy mess is what any outdoorsman wants, and this combo is the way to do that.
As someone who like to process their own food and tan their own hides, the Raptorazor is the most important tool I carry into the woods and into the fur shed.
God bless,
Tyson (T-Mac) McKibben

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