August 23, 2017 1 min read

"The best knifes I didn't think I needed"
Several months before I headed to Alaska to Hunt Moose and Bear with some friends I discovered Raptorazor at a trade show in SLC UT.  If your like me you already have several knives that can get the job done but I thought what the hell and bought both the MANO and the Big Game Skinner.
Fast forward to September and our group has 3 nice mature Alaskan Bull Moose down in back to back nights! That's a lot of meat on the ground and boy am I glad I brought my  Raptorazor!
The Big Game Skinner is so easy to use! It saved us a ton of time caping and skinning! I was really happy with the straight lines and how effortless it seamed!
If you like Havalon Knives then you'll love the MANO! I still like using my Havalon when going around eyes and lips  but it won't keep up with the MANO anywhere else! Changing blades is safe, easy and I've yet to break a blade in 4 seasons of using them! Now that they have a 5" blade option I'd for sure recommend picking one up. There were times that I desired a longer blade when  breaking down moose.. I've since used the longer 5" blade on Elk which worked great for me! 
Bottom line. If your a big game hunter, I highly recommend you pick up a set! You'll be glad you did!
Boise, Idaho

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