This items do not come with Blades

Our RaptoReacher products allow our knife & saw blades to be mounted on a pole so you can get to those places that are just out of reach. 

Our BGS REACHER is a pole-mountable Big Game Skinner housing so that you can reach distant locations with the world's sharpest hook knife.

Our MANO REACHER allows you to attach any of our knife or saw blades (other than the Big Game Skinner) on an extension pole.  One of the most popular attachments is our XL (15") saw blade.  The MANO REACHER with the XL Saw Blade attached is a "must-have" for anyone with a need to trim branches...whether around the camp-site, for a tree stand, a blind or even back home in the yard.


Customer Reviews

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Corey Walter
Blades sold separately

It doesn’t come with any blades.

Good length

The raptor reachers feel good in the hand and seem like they'll work great. I give 4 stars instead of 5 as I have yet to use them. Raptor razor always has great items, I'm sure I won't be disappointed.

Austin Brannon

I still havnt used it yet, but have attached it to an extension and i know its going to do wonders in the field along side the house etc, all of yalls products are great, been using them for couple years now, keep it up.

Robert Beale

This is a solid and awesome addition to my Raptoazor arsenal. This coupled with the XL saw blade will make clearing brush this spring super easy. Extremely solid and sturdy with the ability to screw in an extension will help you reach those higher limbs. Just another must you have to carry with you when your out scouting for stand and blind locations. Thank you Raptorazor.