Lightweight MANŌ Saw Combo


Customer Experiences

Designed with the extreme hunter in mind. This ultra lightweight PVC plastic knife set weighs in at just 3.4 oz without blade . The high visibility orange housing makes it easy to locate so it won’t be left behind.
The MANŌ proves to be highly versatile with its interchangeable blades, Converting from knife to saw in seconds and with a variety of blade variations this knife can handle any situation. The T grip handle offers complete control even in the most extreme conditions. Cold weather, bloody hands or gloves on; you will not lose your grip. This knife feels like an extension of your index finger which provides optimum precision.  You always know where your blade tip is.  The T handle design helps eliminate hand fatigue as well. The interchangeable 7" saw blade is great for cutting wood, plastic and bone.


  • T-Grip Handle
  • Survival compartment with extra screws
  • Built in screwdriver
  • Multifunctional
  • Eliminates hand fatigue


  • 1 MANŌ Housing
  • 1 Signature T-Handle
    • Waterproof Survival Compartment with 2 Extra 10/24 Stainless Screws
    • Non Slip Knurling Grip
    • Phillips Bit For Quick Disassembly When Cleaning and Switching Out Blades.
  • 1 MANŌ Saw Blade




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