Lightweight MANŌ Saw Combo

Designed with the extreme hunter in mind. This ultra lightweight PVC plastic knife set weighs in at just 3.4 oz without blade . The high visibility orange housing makes it easy to locate so it won’t be left behind.
The universal MANŌ housing proves to be highly versatile accomodating seven different knife blades as well as two saw blades.  Convert from knife to saw in seconds and with a variety of blade variations this knife can handle any situation.
The T grip handle offers complete control even in the most extreme conditions. Cold weather, bloody hands or gloves on; you will not lose your grip. 


  • T-Grip Handle
  • Survival compartment with extra screws
  • Built in screwdriver
  • Multifunctional
  • Eliminates hand fatigue


  • 1 MANŌ Lightweight High-Performance Polymer Housing
  • 1 7" Coarse Saw Blade
  • 1 Polymer T-Handle
    • Rainproof Survival Compartment with 2 Extra 10/24 Stainless Screws
    • Non Slip Knurling Grip
    • Phillips Bit For Quick Disassembly When Cleaning and Switching Out Blades.

Consider also investing in a fine tooth saw blade and some MANO Repacement blades to give yourself even more versatility.



Customer Reviews

Based on 341 reviews
Walter Sinclair
Excellent hunting tools

The raptorazor is an excellent tool for my hunting bag.

Kevin Bice
Great Knife set

Great Knife set , Getting all my friends on board!

Mark Daisley
Awesome Product

I have tried just about all the knives and skinning tools out there, this thing is awesome and makes skinning so easy.

Daniel Kaesemeyer
Missing items

I've made a couple attempts to resolve a missing item from my order with no resolve. I will continue to make attempts.

Steve Collier
A very useful tool.

The RaptoRazor and the whole big game skinner Mano combo is a great thing to use for cleaning and skinning deer, elk, and all the other game animals that we hunt. I bought this one because my friend who just started hunting liked it so much I gave him mine and bought a new one. They really get the job done.