Lightweight Big Game Skinner & MANŌ Combo


(If any aspect of this product fails to meet your high expectations, we will pay the postage for you to ship it back to us for a Full Refund.)


Our Lightweight knives were designed with the extreme hunter in mind. When minimizing pack-in weight is essential, we have the answer; the Lightweight Combo Set.  The ultra lightweight high-performance polymer knife set weighs in at just 8.1 oz total . The high visibility orange housings make them easy to locate so they won’t get left behind in the field.

The innovative design of the Big Game Skinner makes it a multifunctional knife that offers a faster and cleaner way to process game. The hook design of the hide-splitting blade cuts from the inside out, separting the fur while making a precision cut. The blade can easily be spun 360-degrees around the leg to open the hide and pop the joint.

The convex blade on the bottom of the knife was designed after the Alaskan Ulu knife and is your skinning blade.  When held at a steep angle, the housing raises the blade off the meat and it becomes a guided skinner.

The patented T-Handle grips provide complete control even in extreme conditions; bloody hands, cold-numb hands or thick gloves, you won't lose your grip on these knives.

The MANŌ knife is the perfect companion knife to the Big Game Skinner.  Once the hide is off, the MANO is the ideal knife for removing all the cuts of meat. The universal MANO housing is highly versatile accomodating 7 different knife blades as well as 3 saw blades.  Switching from one knife to another takes only seconds.


  • 1 Big Game Skinner High-Performance Polymer Housing
  • 1 MANO High-Performance Polymer Housing
  • 2 Signature Polymer T-Grip Handles
    • Non Slip Knurling Grip
    • Rain-proof Survival Compartment with 2 Extra 10/24 Stainless Screws
    • Integrated Philips head bit for easy blade replacement.
  • 1 Big Game Skinner Blade
  • 1 Four inch MANO Blade
  • 2 Blade Safety Guards

Also Included; while supplies last:

  • A FREE Nylon Carrying Case 
    • Integrated Belt Loop
    • Velcro Closure
    • Internal Pocket for Second T-Handle


    • Replacable/disposable razor-sharp blades
    • Multifunctional BGS blade - splits hides, removes legs and skins.
    • Short, high radius MANO blade for maximum control.
    • Strong and lightweight (Each knife 4.2 oz.)
    • T-Handle for secure grip and reduced hand fatigue.
    • Survival compartment with extra screws
    • Built in screwdriver

    Please reference the chart below to see what the is the best BGS product for you and your needs. Regardless of what you choose, we are confident this will be best skinning knife you ever experienced or we will give you your money back*. 

    Package Good Better Best
    Price $65.99 $119.99 $164.99
    Convex Skinning Blade
    Concave Hide Opening Blade
    Razor Sharp Replaceable Blades
    Sure Grip T Handle Design
    Survival Compartment
    Built In Screwdriver
    High Performance Polymer    
    Durable Lightweight Aluminum  
    Nylon Case  
    Extra Disposable Blades (1 per year)     3 years*
    Bit Holder w/ 4 bits    
    Badlands/Realtree Design Option    

    *Assumes 4-5 medium game (such as deer) or 1-2 big game (such as elk) per blade.

    **30-day Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee on all products.

    **Warranty against breakage:

    • 1-Year on all Lightweight (high-performance polymer) knives
    • Lifetime on all Aluminum knives.

    Raptorazor knives are not recommended for dishwasher cleaning as some detergents cause discoloration to the finish of the product. All housings are made out of Aluminum and are considered a soft metal. Therefor all housings will have imperfections to some degree. You will also find scratches in the clear plastic guards. This in no way affects the performance. This tool is guaranteed not to break.

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    Mark Gibbs
    Awesome Product

    I used my friends and immediately ordered one.

    Mike Chamberlain

    Have not used it yet so can’t say other than it looks great

    JJ Sirmons
    Great Customer Service

    I was sent the wrong part in error. It was resolved quickly and the customer service was over the top!

    Todd Null
    Deer machine

    I'm a gadget guy one of the best gadgets I have ever acquired it works as described. Amazing.

    Brandt Soileau
    Customer service

    Great customer service and making sure my order was delivered even after mail carrier lost order