Extreme MANO Knife Set

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The Extreme MANO Knife Set is a great way get the famous MANO knife along with two popular accessory blades  This ultimate MANO Knife set includes the Classic Aluminum MANO knife with our exclusive T-handle design along with a saw blade and also a 5" MANO replacement blade.

The Aluminum MANO knife is designed specifically as an ideal tool for field dressing game.  The exclusive and patented T-Handle design provides unsurpassed control and secure grip.  Even with heavy gloves, cold or bloody hands, you won't lose your grip on this knife.  The ultra-short blade with a sweeping radius affords unsurpassed control and ease of use in removing backstraps, tenderloins and other cuts of meat.  With the index finger positioned over the top of the blade, the knife feels like an extension of your finger so that you always know where your knife point is and you'll be much less likely to cut tissues you didn't want to.  The razor-sharp disposable blade insures that you will never need to fight with a dull blade.  The handle does double-duty as a multi-tool to allow fast blade replacement and also has a rain-proof storage container for meds, matches or any other emergency supplies.

Also included in the Extreme MANO Knife Set is a coarse saw blade that fits the MANO universal knife housing.  This saw is ideal for clearing branches for a tree stand or to cut the ribs out of your game when field dressing, and a wide variety of other tasks around the camp site.  

Finally, the Extreme MANO Knife Set includes one of our 5" MANO blades for those instances where a little longer reach is useful.

When purchased separately, the MANO Knife is $79.99, the Saw Blade is $14.99, and the 5" Blade is $7.49 for a total value of $102.47.  As a set we offer this ultimate MANO bundle at only $99.99.

The MANŌ knife is the perfect companion knife to the Big Game Skinner.  Once the hide is off, the MANO is the ideal knife for removing all the cuts of meat. The universal MANO housing is highly versatile accomodating 7 different knife blades as well as 3 saw blades.  Switching from one knife to another takes only seconds.


  • 1 MANO Aluminum Housing
  • 1 Multi-tool Aluminum Handle with Philips head bit.
  • 3 MANO 2.5" Blades
  • 1 MANO Blade Safety Guard
  • 1 Nylon Case with belt loop
  • 1 MANO 5" Blade
  • 1 MANO 10" Coarse Saw Blade


    • Replacable/disposable razor-sharp blades
    • Ultra-Strong Lightweight Aluminum Housing
    • Short, high radius MANO blade for maximum control and speed.
    • T-Handle for secure grip and reduced hand fatigue.
    • Survival compartment for meds, matches, sewing kit and more.
    • Built in screwdriver in handle
    • Universal Housing accomodates 7 knife blades and 3 saw blades.

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    Raptorazor knives are not recommended for dishwasher cleaning as some detergents cause discoloration to the finish of the product. All housings are made out of Aluminum and are considered a soft metal. Therefor all housings will have imperfections to some degree. You will also find scratches in the clear plastic guards. This in no way affects the performance. This tool is guaranteed not to break.

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