Lightweight Marine MANŌ

(If any aspect of this product fails to meet your high expectations, we will pay the postage for you to ship it back to us for a Full Refund.)


This ultra lightweight PVC plastic knife set weighs in at just 4 oz. The marine blue housing makes it easy to differentiate from other Raptorazor products.

The MANŌ proves to be versatile with its interchangeable blades, Converting from knife to saw in seconds and with countless blade variations this knife can handle any situation. The T grip handle offers complete control even in the most extreme conditions. Cold weather, bloody hands or gloves on you will not lose your grip. This knife becomes a extensions of your finger and eliminates hand fatigue.

Includes: 1 MANŌ housing, 1 guard,1 handle,  survival compartment with extra screws, Non slip knurling grip,  Phillips screw driver for quick disassemble when cleaning and switching out blades and 1 blade.


  • Handle
  • Survival compartment with extra screws
  • Built in screwdriver
  • Multifunctional
  • Eliminates hand fatigue

Raptorazor knives are not recommended for dishwasher cleaning as some detergents cause discoloration to the finish of the product.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Good little knife

I picked this up to go with my other RR knives. It works great for cutting backstraps out. I think I would prefer the added weight of the metal version, but for the price this is a great tool

Greg L
makes light work of skinning deer

Never used a razor based knife before the Manko. This was very easy to control and did an amazing job when skinning 4 deer this past weekend. So far have only used the normal shorter blade but I also have the 5 inch blade for a future replacement.

Phillip McMulin

It was a gift for my son. He hasn't used it yet.

Dell Oliver
Great Knife

I have used this knife for skinning many different types of animals. From deer to coyotes to even rattle snakes. The durability and ease of using the knife if seamless and makes processing way more easier.

Alexander Stewart
Great Knife

Little knife,but it does a big job.From kitchen to fishing,it's a great knife!