Knife & Saw Guards

Knife Guard
(If any aspect of this product fails to meet your high expectations, we will pay the postage for you to ship it back to us for a Full Refund.)


Our high impact plastic guards are the perfect accessory for your MANŌ Knife, MAÑO Saw, and Big Game Skinner.  These slip on guards perfectly fit your knives or saw providing an extra layer of safety.

The Big Game Skinner and MANO guards can be mounted on your boat, quad, or other vehicle where you may need to quickly cut a line in an emergency.  One handed removal of the knives from the mounted guards allows for quick access and/or hassle free repeated use.

Note that the MAÑO Saw guards also work on our 6" fillet blade and 6" multi-purpose/boning blade that comes with our Fillet MANŌ Kit or Pro Kitchen Set.