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  • String assembly required.

The Scrambler is a hexagonal metal shaft with holes that can be put into a drill chuck like a bit.  "Weed-Eater" filament is laced through the holes in various configurations depending on your needs.

The Scrambler was originally designed as a tool to quickly and easily clean out the contents of an animal skull.  The purpose would be for either a European Mount or to meet the regulations of certain States when transporting game over State lines.  It didn't take long for our customers to realize that the Scrambler also makes a great paint mixer.

When used to clean out the skull contents, there is no longer a need for tedious scraping or picking away at all the crevices.  Used with a cordless drill (not included) and a little water, the Scrambler can liquify the brain matter and thoroughly and quickly clean out the skull contents in a matter of seconds.

String and shaft included with selected product. The scrambler bit is a universal design and will fit all drills, the string configuration will determine the specific use and can be modified depending on skull size (or if used for mixing paint).

  • Comes with 24" of 0.095 string and 1 shaft.
  • String assembly required.
  • Countless configurations possible.
  • For best results on deer and elk skulls match pictures. 
  • Works on all animal skulls,
  • Watch video for helpful tips. 
  • Also makes a terrific paint mixer
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Jeffrey Thomas
Don't pay for 2 day shipping

Tool is fine, but paid for two day shipping ordered on a Tuesday didn't receive product till the following Monday. This was a first time but from this company, not sure if this is standard for the company. But I don't think I'll purchase anything else or pay for expedited shipping again.

Tool works amazingly well! Speeds up process x10!

The first time I used the scrambler, my exact words were "where has this thing been all these years". This has dramatically improved and sped up the process of removing the brain from euro mounts ten fold. Works amazingly well. It truly liquifies the brain in seconds if used properly. Keep adding a little water as your run it and in no time, the brain is gone. Don't hesitate, order this thing!


it was so much easier than trying to scoop that stuff out. worked perfectly, i would suggest leaving loops instead of straight strands, the strands just kind of folded over

Margaret Ann Leedom
Takes all the work out of the work !

Life saver !

DeFillipo David
Amazing tool

I have a company doing euros for hunters in my community and the messiest part of the process is always pressure washing the brains out of the skull. The Scramble has made this so much simpler by allowing my to grind that all up before the wash and most of it just comes right out. Fast and easy!