Kevin Chadick- Ahi from Hawai`i

July 11, 2015 1 min read

The reviews keep rolling in,
 Kevin, a Commercial Fisherman from Hawai`i wrote:
 I have been commercially fishing in Hawaii for the past 15 years. I am always looking for new and innovative products that make my job easier. As a commercial fisherman we have to gut and clean all fish before they go to the auction block. With the Big Game Skinner and the MANO, knives, we can clean our catch much faster and safer. Especially when we have over 50 Mahi Mahi to clean at one time and we have been fishing for over 14 hrs.

 The unique feature of the Big Game Skinner is that it is an excellent safety knife, if you get into trouble. I really love the fact that you can cut a rope or line by simply hooking it with one hand. Before we would have to lean over the edge of the boat to grab the line with one hand and cut with the other, leaving us in a dangerous position. I recommend that all fisherman and boaters add this Knife to their list. It is very well built and with interchangeable blades you can’t go wrong.

(Oct 15, 2013)