Nylon MANO

Handle Size
(If any aspect of this product fails to meet your high expectations, we will pay the postage for you to ship it back to us for a Full Refund.)
(We Guarantee this knife not to break under intended usage for your Lifetime.)
We have removed the T-Handle of the Original MANŌ and converted it to an all purpose knife. Packed in a nylon case with 3 original 4" blades and Fillet MANO handle. It fits comfortably at your side and easily accessible.  Made from 100 % machined aluminum, it's lightweight and retains superior strength and durability. The Nylon MANO comes in either a Rugged anodized smooth or nonslip finish, or either a hydrodipped Realtree Edge or Badlands Approach camo finish.  Regardless of the style you like the best, the bright color means the knife isn't likely to get lost in the field.  All MANO knive housings are interchangeable with 7 different knife blades and 2 saw blades.   Converting into multiple knife designs or saw can be accomplished in seconds. The accompanying multi-tool includes a removable bit- bit holder so you can add the bits you need for all your equipment to cut down on weight. 
  • 1 Fillet MANŌ Housing (available with large or small handles)
  • 1 Non Slip Knurled Grip Multi-tool with rain-proof Survival Compartment, 2 Extra 10/24 Stainless Screws, Bit Holder with 4 bits- Phillips- Flat Head- Star- 1/4" Allen, Compass
  • 3  Original 4" MANŌ Blades
  • 1 Safety Blade Guard
  • Nylon Carrying Case with Integrated Belt Loop. Velcro Closure, Enternal Pocket for multi-tool and spare blades.


Raptorazor knives are not recommended for dishwasher cleaning as some detergents cause discoloration or dulling of the finish of the product. All housings are made out of Aluminum and are considered a soft metal. Therefore all housings will have imperfections to some degree. You will also find scratches in the clear plastic guards. This in no way affects the performance. This tool is guaranteed not to break.

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Brian Daugherty

An absolutely amazing product. It will be my go to knife here on out... it’s quality is flawless. It definitely exceeded my expectations.

Todd Hassett
Amazing stuff

Some of the best knives on the market. Was able to skin a deer as if I were running it through butter. So smooth and ultra sharp.

Brett Cooley
Great knife from a great company

I am a repeat buyer and will continue to be. This knife is awesome and the bigger size helps with larger (I'm looking at you Mr. Elk) animals

William Cockrell
3 cuts and I fell in love

I’m disabled and holding a normal knife can be a task after about 20 mins well not anymore I love the handle Design and took us no time to butcher a 1000lb steer 

Brad Clemens

Used the Mano to cape a couse deer this knife works fast a with easy