MANŌ Replacement Blades

(If any aspect of this product fails to meet your high expectations, we will pay the postage for you to ship it back to us for a Full Refund.)


  • Replaceable/Disposable (please dispose of responsibly).
  • Razor sharp.
  • Ultra-curved edge radius for sharp turns in tight spaces.
  • Factory sharpened stainless steel blades.
  • Compatible with MANŌ housing.
  • 420 stainless steel.
  • Alignment holes for quick assembly.
  • Approximately 0.06 oz each (slightly more for the 5" blade).
  • Our standard MANO blades are 0.6mm thick. 
  • Our standard MANO blades have an edge approximately 3" long (the blade extends approximately 1.5" out from the housing)
  • Our extra Long 5" MANO blade provides extra length that some prefer for larger game (bison, moose, elk, etc) (the blade extends approximately 2.5" out from the housing)


Customer Reviews

Based on 205 reviews
Douglas Frishe
Waiting for hunting season

Look and feel great. Outstanding design

Rick Swogger
Replacement blades

With all the different knives and companies out there I'm so glad you are still in business. I love your product. So easy to use. Something happens or the blade becomes dull just replace. Comfort able and less fatigue on your hands like the big bulky knives. THANKS Great Product.

Jay Smith
Looks like a great tool

Haven’t had a chance to use this tool well build and I ordered extra replacement blades can’t wait to skin some of these East Texas pigs ...

Richard Meyer
Good Quality

I have not had a chance to use this product as season is over but looking forward to using it next season. LOOKS TO BE GOOD QUALITY AND LIKE THE FAST SHIPPING.

Tracey Bowles
Well made, OVER PRICED

Quality stuff but don't kill the return customers. At least offer a bundle type offer instead of individual purchases. Thank God for Battlbox discount code. The products are ALL well made