Prostaff Application

Thank you for your interest in Raptorazor.

We welcome all outdoor enthusiasts to participate in the RaptoRazor Prostaff Program. This is an “at will” service program performed by team members who want to share the positive image of the RaptoRazor brand and values. Prostaffers must be a minimum of 18 years of age.

All approved RaptoRazor Prostaffers will receive the following products:

1 - Aluminum Big Game Skinner & MAKO Combo Set

1 - Injection Molded Big Game Skinner & MAKO Combo Set

1 - MAKO Saw

1 - 4” Meathook

1 - 16” Meathook 

If you feel that you meet the above requirements, please complete the adjacent form for further review by the RaptoRazor development team.

 Requirements of Raptorazor Prostaffers

1. Short video clip of the team receiving the knives. 10 to 15 seconds.

video must be uploaded to social media platforms and RaptoRazor corporate team at info@raptorazor.

com. Video must be shot in a landscape format (vertical orientation is prohibited).

2. Short video clips with animals and/or harvests promoting proper use of.


3. Two facebook post a month. One with our promo video and one giveaway. Prostaff member is in charge of scheduling and posting content. Please notify us when posting so we can share on our social media sites as well. Winner from give-a-way must be submitted to RaptoRazor with proper shipping information.

4. Video clips using the knives on harvested animals.


5. The more interaction we get from your team the more products we will send. We put every team on

a trial basis for one year before we consider spending any money on advertising.

6. Incorporate hashtag and URL campaigns into social media posts:






7. Every Prostaffer outfitted with our knives is required to send in a quality hunting picture (preferably with the knives included) and product review.


10. All team members will also have the option to participate in our sales program. Earn up to 30%

on promoting sales threw Raptorazor. Each team will be given there own promo code to track sales.

We will also offer discount pricing to team members and their families. All approved teams will be given more information.

We appreciate all feedback, and welcome all suggestions. Our main goal is to make every hunt a positive one.