Our Signature Knives

The Signature Knives of Raptorazor.com


The raptor-claw-shaped Big Game Skinner (BGS) is the most unique hunting knife ever developed. The BGS was developed especially to facilitate gutless field dressing. The concave curved razor-sharp blade on the inside of the “claw” allows the hunter to quickly open even the toughest hides with ease. The convex razor-sharp blade on the reverse side is a guided skinning blade that enables an unprecedented level of speed. When held at the appropriate angle, the housing raises the skinning blade off of the flesh just the right amount to allow for rapid side-to-side motions resulting in very fast skinning.  

The unique and patented perpendicular handle keeps the operator’s hand and wrist in a natural position and gives the field-dresser the ability to easily pull the knife through tough hides with significant force when necessary.

Raptorazor Hunting Knife Big Game Skinning Knife



The shark fin-shaped MANŌ knife ("MANŌ being the Hawaiian word for "Shark") is designed to facilitate the fast and easy removal of the primal cuts of meat during the gutless field dressing process. With the index finger extended behind the MANŌ’s blade, it operates like an extension of the index finger providing a level of precision and control not found with other knives. 

Feedback from thousands of hunters testifies to the value and benefits of this unique set of knives. The only complaint we hear is from hunters who are frustrated that they didn’t learn about these knives earlier. They regret previous hunts where they have unnecessarily struggled with difficult to dress out animals. We hope you will try these knives out soon. We are sure you’ll love them!

Raptorazor Hunting Knife