MANŌ Specialty Blades

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When the hunt is over and it's time to turn your game into a delicious meal, the chop blade is the perfect blade for chopping up vegetables, meat, or anything that calls for chef-style knife.  Like all MANŌ blades, Raptorazor's  6" chop blade fits into all universal MANŌ housings.

Based on the Alaskan Ulu blade this is a great addition to the collection and it's compatible with all MANŌ housings. Take your skinning and fleshing to the next level with this classic blade that has stood the test of time. Not only for wild game but also great for fish and everyday use in the kitchen. This blade can easily be tuned up with Raptorazor's sharping rod that fit all aluminum handles.
  • Factory sharpened 420 stainless steel blades
  • Compatible with any MANŌ housing
  • Alignment holes for quick assembly
  • 1.4 oz each

Customer Reviews

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Mike Armstrong
Great product and outstanding service

I originally used the Big Game Skinner Blade, but I have a natural instinct to extend my index finger when ripping a hide open. It only took one time to learn how sharp the back of that blade is. I switched to the Marine Blade and highly recommend them. Unfortunately, there is not a 5-pack replacement set on the web site. I called and left a message and received a return call the next day. She confirmed there is no 5-pack, but offered to sell five singles at a discounted rate. I also prefer the five inch Mano blades instead of the three inch blades, and ordered some of them. I received my entire order in the mail and I am very satisfied with the products and the customer service.

Camil Lavoie

Haven’t had a chance to use it but they look like they be really useful. Can hardly wait for hunting season


Big Game Skinner Replacement Blades

Rex McEuen

MANŌ Replacement Blades

Andrew Giles
Did not receive whole order

My order was missing an item and I reached out via email immediately after receiving and have not been contacted yet. This was over a week ago.