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 In February 2014 when a tragic car accident took Dan's eye sight he was left with a new life to learn. His normal day was now filled with challenges to tackle but none of that deterred Dan's determination for settling into his life again. In fact, instead of giving away the elk tag he drew for the upcoming season a good friends words of encouragement set them off on a journey that nobody expected. We asked Dan a few questions earlier this week that we wanted to share below. 
If you or somebody you know has a disability and is interested in getting back outdoors, we urge you to talk to Dan and learn more about what No Excuse Hunting & Outdoors is all about!
Q. How much time had passed from your accident to your first elk hunt post-accident? 

A. My accident was on 2/19/2014 and I went on my first elk hunt on 11/27/2014. Even though I may not have filled my tag, the hunt was a huge success. I learned that Iam not disabled. I am blind and with some help and a lot of determination anything is possible.

Q. What was the second hunt you decided on? 

A. The second hunt we set off on was in New Mexico, using my old system & I got a buffalo with the help of great friends on 2/15/2015. 

Q. That's really wild to hear that not even a year after your accident you've already taken on 2 hunts and clearly, you're at home in the outdoors. Who do you hope to inspire with your story? 

A. Having friends around me that encouraged me was a huge factor in my success but I don't hope to inspire as much as I hope to encourage others to get out there!

Q. You mentioned an older system, can you tell me more about the new system you have going on? 

A. Sure, it's called the Tactacam, it's a piece of equipment that allows me to film through the scope which connects to an iPad for my buddy to assist me in lining up my shot. It has come a long way over the years & an amazing tool.

Q. A few years back you created your organization No Excuse Hunting which evolved into No Excuse Hunting & Outdoors. Can you tell us a bit about that and how it all happened? 

A. Well, after my accident I realized that without the help of others I couldn't have accomplished all I have. Realizing there were great foundations that helped veterans and children out I noticed a space for people like me who didn't fit that mold thus No Excuse Hunting had begun. In time with the people I met the message adapted to No Excuse Hunting & Outdoors to get more involved.

Q. During the Covid epidemic what new thing have you found to pass the time?
A. Steven Rinella Meat Eater podcast.

Q. Alright, we know we all have them. What's your top 3 bucket list hunts?
A. Moose hunt preferably in Alaska, a bear hunt, & Sika deer at Chesapeake Bay.

Q. What's been your most memorable moment with No Excuse so far? 

A. Honestly there have been to many experiences to note but one that stands out to me is meeting and helping a young girl who was losing her eye sight. We were able to get her a custom purple rifle made for her and get her outdoors with her family.

Q. What's your favorite meat?
A. The one you got yourself! 

If you would like to read Dan's full story you can download it > here <  & we encourage you to check out Dan's facebook page.

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