March 04, 2018 1 min read

The Sharpest, Fastest, and Easiest way to process the game you harvest.
The Raptorazor has revolutionized the way hunters think about their big game skinning and hunting knives. These are the sharpest, fastest, and easiest way to process the game you harvest on the market today.
The “Big Game Skinner” and “Mako” are lightweight with superior strength and durability. It’s innovative design offers a faster and cleaner way to process game, becoming a multifunctional knife. The hook design cuts from the inside out; Splitting the hair while making a precision cut. It also has the ability to spin 360 degrees around the leg to open the hide and pop the joint. The bottom of the blade becomes your guided skinner. With the blade sandwiched between the housing it lifts the blade off the meat and hide making for a faster and cleaner job. The T grip handle offers complete control  even on the toughest hides and eliminates hand fatigue. 

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