Raptorazor Musk Ox.

I just got back from a Nunivak Island Musk Ox hunt with my daughter.  Hunt went well, had some great father daughter time.
I took out the Big Game Skinner and Mako combo and used it to skin my daughters Musk Ox.  The native transporters had never seen a knife like those.  They also had never seen the gutless method for skinning.  At first they stood back and laughed about the dumb white guy using weird knives and not knowing how to skin an animal properly.  When I finished, I was no longer the dumb inexperienced white guy with weird knives.  They were blown away that I had skinned the bull with one blade.  They were also totally impressed with the gutless method.
I let them try out the Ulu.  As you know the Alaskan Natives use Ulu's as their main knife so I thought it would be interesting to see how they liked it compared to their many other Ulu's.  It was a huge hit!!!!!  There's a market for you.  They were just in awe on how sharp it was.  The T-handle was not liked though, they preferred it without but she wished it had a traditional Ulu handle.  Just an FYI.
I took some video footage of them using the Ulu and also a video clip of them watching your instructional video on how to do the gutless skinning.  It was priceless to be watching two very experienced natives watching your "How To" YouTube video.  Great stuff!!
I gave them the combo set with the ulu blade, they were extremely grateful!!!
Raptorazor Skinning Knife Musk Ox