Aaron Pruitt - Horn Stars Outdoors

July 15, 2015 1 min read

"If your a outdoorsman or women, that is looking for revolutionary tool to make your job after harvesting an animal much easier than I would recommend you getting a RaptoRazor knife set.  The handle alone which is unique from all other knives, gives control, comfort, unprecedented leverage and handling.  Gutting, skinning and processing has never been easier and safer.  The change out blades are amazing as well as durable, you don't have to be expert knife sharpener, just two screws and drop a new blade in.  It's a complete system to allow for very ergonomic practical results, this isn't more of the same we have all seen, this is innovative something that all your hunting buddies will be asking were you got that at the skinning rack and off in the back country.” Aaron Pruitt, Horn Stars Outdoors