Steve Primm- All I can Say is AWESOME!

July 11, 2015 1 min read

All I can say is AWESOME!

I shot a central-Florida public land 10-pointer at about 5:00pm.  He ran about 30 yds and piled up.  I was about 1/3 mile from my truck, so my buddy and I dragged him to the truck.  I wanted to use the tailgate as a table to cape and butcher the deer.

The Big Game Skinner cut through the buck's hide like it was butter.  I was able to cape the buck in about 20 minutes (first one I have caped for a shoulder mount).  It went very smooth with no unintended cuts to the hide.  I then used the "gutless method" and quickly pulled the back-straps, shoulders, hindquarters and tenderloins.  Even though this was the first time for me to use your knives, to do the gutless method and to cape a deer for mounting, it only took me about an hour to have everything done, meat in the cooler, and on my way for ice.

A couple of other hunters stopped by to take a look and both said they had never seen a set of skinning knives like I was using.  I took the liberty to tell them where they could have a set of their very own.  All were quite impressed.
The Big Game Skinner and MANO combo are the real deal.  Here are a couple of pics from last night.  

God Bless,

Steve Primm