Michael J Botha

June 29, 2015 1 min read

 "Being a person who prefers to use hunting equipment that I have personally
 tried and proven, I was initially a little skeptical of the radically
 different RaptorRazor knife set. What sold me initially; was the very
 clever concept and exceptionally high quality of the product. The
 directions were very thorough and explained how to get the most out of the
 product, I am glad I read them. The RaptorRazor feels like a balanced high
 quality tool in hand; this is not something that will break or wear out; I
 imagine it will outlast any knife I have in my collection. I have used the
 RaptorRazor for butchering a wide variety of wild game animals, many of
 which I have kept and tanned the hides as the skinning cuts were so clean.
 The RaptorRazor may be the safest and easiest knife to use on really thick
 hides such as the shoulder hide on feral pig boars, you can exert full force
 and not worry about the knife bending, twisting or breaking. The skinner
 blade is about the perfect size and shape for efficient skinning. At first
 thought, changing blades in the field did not appeal to me. However, when
 you really consider the weight of carrying a few scalpel sharp spare blades
 verse carrying a sharpening steel/stone and ceramic finishing stone, it's a
 lot easier to just change out the blade. I highly recommend trying the
 RaptorRazor, you will not be disappointed."
 Michael J Botha

(Oct 15, 2013)