Justin Hyde

July 15, 2015 1 min read

Absolutely love the Mako! Made short work of my Grizz! Fleshing with the MAKO without the handle in the field was impressive! Having your new longer blade for quartering moose would be perfect. I really like the havalon for going around the eyes and lips but the havalon couldn’t keep up with the Mako anywhere else. I was pleasantly surprised how much I’ve used it!

THe Big Game Skinner makes a novice look like a pro! Easy operation & very efficient. Went through my bull moose with relative ease. More importantly perfectly straight lines. My taxidermist won’t be rolling his eyes on this one. Was never worried about slipping off the handle or cutting myself which is a huge plus and I’ve yet to break a blade. I’d love to get my hands on your new products!