October 19, 2018 1 min read

This fillet kit is a must have for every do-it-yourself angler. It’s innovative design offers a faster and cleaner way to process game, becoming a multi-functional knife. Invest in tools you can trust. Invest in RaptoRazor. 

Kit Includes:

1- 7" MANO Fillet Housing

1- 8" Fillet Blade

1- 6" Fillet Blade

1- 6" Muliti-purpose blade

1- Black anodized aluminum handle with removable Phillips bit and

2 extra 10-14 x 3/8 Stainless Steel screws.

1- High Carbon Sharpening rod

2- Phillips Bits 1- Flat head bit

1- Star bit 1- 1/4" Allen bit

1- Protective travel case with buckles

This is the last fillet kit you'll ever need.