March 26, 2018 1 min read

While there are many ways to breast a turkey, the best way we have found is using the sharpness of the Fillet MANO. Step one in this journey is to harvest a wild turkey. 

Once you have successfully harvested a wild turkey next is the breasting process or removing the breast meat from the bird. Many people lay the turkey down on a table, but we have found if you hang him from a tree it allows gravity to help you remove each breast. Using the Fillet MANO make a small incision on the turkeys breast bone. Once that incision is made you can carefully run the Fillet MANO down the turkeys chest revealing the breast meat.

One you can see each breast run the Fillet MANO down each side of the breast down removing each breast. Using the sharpness of this blade will make it extremely easy. After removing the meat place into freezer bags so you can successfully store the meat for later consumption.