Send us a timed video showing a traditional field dress - and get two knife sets

We want to be able to show a comparison of traditional field dressing (gutting the animal, etc.) vs. the gutless technique.  We think that gutless field dressing is faster, easier, cleaner and ultimately more efficient than traditional techniques.  We seek videos showing traditional field dressing so that hunters can compare the two videos side by side. 

The video should be timed from the moment the animal is dropped, up to the time the head, guts and hide are disposed of and the meat is in the cooler on ice.  The video can be time elapsed to cut out the uninteresting footage (travel, digging a hole, etc), but all that time should be counted and added to the overall time taken to complete the process and get the meat into the cooler, refrigerator or freezer and the left-over carcass disposed of.

The video should be shot in high-definition (at least 720px but ideally 1080px or better).  The video production should be of professional quality, suitable for wide distribution for training or marketing purposes with correct lighting, stable camera, good camera angle so viewer can see what's being demonstrated, and clear understandable narration of steps, etc.

If you wish to provide us a video, please call Dave at (805) 729-4445 to be sure that the offer is still available since the offer will expire once we have five usable videos.

If you send us such a video, by doing so; you are relinquishing all rights to the video and assigning to Raptorazor all rights to edit, publish and use the provided video for promotional, training and educational purposes.

In return for sending us a professional/usable step-by-step narrated and timed training video on traditional field dressing, we will send you a Rugged Aluminum BIG GAME SKINNER/MANO Combo Set as well as a FILLET MANO KIT which provides 6" and 8" fillet blades , a 6" multi-purpose/boning blade a knife housing and a sharpening steel in a plastic carrying case.

Please send the videos to or