Aluminum Raw Big Game Skinner & MANŌ Combo


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The patented BGS and MANŌ are the ultimate field dressing knives.  

This  100 % machined aluminum housing is lightweight and retains superior strength and durability. It’s innovative design offers a faster and cleaner way to process game, becoming a multifunctional knife. The hook design cuts  from the inside out, Splitting the hair while making a precision cut. It also has the ability to spin 360 degrees around the leg to open the hide and pop the joint. The bottom of the blade becomes your guided skinner. With the blade sandwiched between the housing it lifts the blade off the meat and hide making for a faster and cleaner job. The T grip handle offers complete control  even on the toughest hides and eliminates hand fatigue. 

The MANŌ proves to be versatile with its interchangeable blades, Converting from knife to saw in seconds. The combo pack includes: 1 BGS housing, 1 MANŌ housing, 2 handles with survival compartment, each with extra screws, Non slip knurling grip,  Phillips screw driver for quick disassembly when cleaning and switching out blades, 6 blades; 3 for each knife, 2 guards, carrying case with belt loop and Velcro cover.


  • 3-1/2″ x 2″ 100% machined aluminum housing
  • 2 – 3/4″ easy grip handle with integrated Philips screwdriver and survival compartment in handle
  • 2 – 10/24″ x 3/8″ extra screws
  • 3 – blades for each tool (BGS & MANŌ)
  • 6″ x 4 1/2″ nylon carrying case with belt loops and Velcro closure
  • Instructions
  • Blade guards
  • Total Pack weight 1.36 lbs


Raptorazor knives are not recommended for dishwasher cleaning as some detergents cause discoloration to the finish of the product. All housings are made out of Aluminum and are considered a soft metal. Therefor all housings will have imperfections to some degree. You will also find scratches in the clear plastic guards. This in no way affects the performance. This tool is guaranteed not to break.

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